Abstract Submission

The 253rd ACS National Meeting will take place April 2-6, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. Below is a list of the exciting symposia planned for the meeting.
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We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!
Thank you,
Anastasia Ilgen
GEOC Program Chair
·         2017 Geochemistry Division Medal Symposium (medal presentation and invited lectures)
Organizers: Sebastien Kerisit and Anastasia Ilgen
·         Symposium in Honor of Dr. Susan Brantley, 2017 Geochemistry Medal Recipient
Organizer: Sebastien Kerisit
·         Mineral - Water Interface Chemistry I — A Tribute to Glenn Waychunas     
Organizers: Benjamin Gilbert, Chris Kim, Peggy O'Day
·         Mineral - Water Interface Chemistry II — General Session      
Organizers: Jaquelyn Bracco, Steven Higgins, Sang Soo Lee
·         Structure, properties and applications of minerals with layered structure       
Organizers: Radha Shivaramaiah, Nancy Birkner, GP. Nagabhushana
·         Redox-driven environmental geochemical reactions for metals, major elements and organic pollutants      
Organizers: Yu (Frank) Yang, Eric Roden
·         Formation, Structure, and Reactivity of Biogenic Minerals        
Organizers: Owen Duckworth, Jasquelin Pena, Matthew Polizzotto, Cara Santelli
·         Environmental challenges and solutions in unconventional oil and gas development
Organizers: Shannon L. Flynn, Daniel S. Alessi, Jens Blotevogel, and Thomas Borch
·         Contaminant transport, uptake, and remediation at contaminated sites          
Organizers: Byong-Hun Jeon, Yong Sik Ok, Daniel Tsang, Mayur Kurade
·         Microbially-Driven Geochemical Reactions: Kinetics and Communities          
Organizers: William D. Burgos, Bradley Tebo, Colleen Hansel, Javier Sanchez Espana, Daniel Jones
·         Advances in treatment processes for metals and metalloids        
Organizers: Claire Wildman, Kate Campbell-Hay
·         Mineral nucleation: transient intermediates and phase transitions       
Organizers:  Shawn Riechers, Ben Legg
·         Evolving nanoparticle reactivity throughout nucleation, growth, and dissolution       
Organizers: Jennifer Soltis, MicheleConroy, Frances Smith, Lee Penn
·         Pore-scale geochemical processes and the implications to CO2 geologic storage         
Organizers: Hang Deng, Carl Steefel, Sergi Molins
·         Structure and reactivity of cementitious materials from advanced characterization techniques
Organizers: Bin Ma, Nishant Garg, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez, and Claire E. White
·         General Geochemistry         
Organizer: Anastasia Ilgen