Awards Info


· The Geochemistry Division will pay for the awardees’ registration at the student ACS member rate.

· Awardees will be given an extended time allocation for the oral presentation (30 minutes instead of regular 20 minutes for contributed talks).

· Up to three awards will be made based on the quality of the applications.

· Abstracts will be judged based on the impact on the field of geochemistry, technical approach, quality and clarity of writing, and the relevance of the abstract to both session and national meeting themes.

· Award winners will be announced by June 15, 2018.

When to apply?

Applications can be submitted anytime during the abstract submission period, which ends on October, 16 2017.

Who can apply?

· The award is limited to undergraduate and graduate students.

· Applicants must have already submitted a regular abstract to MAPS for the meeting.

· The applicant must be the presenting author.

· Only one application per presenting author will be considered.

How to apply?

After submitting your regular abstract to the ACS’s Meeting Abstract Programming System (MAPS, submit a separate, extended abstract to the GEOC Program Chair at and include your abstract number in your email.

Extended abstracts should not exceed one page (use at least 11-pt font, single-line spacing, and 1-inch margins) and may contain tables and figures.


Questions about the awards should be directed to Bill Burgos at

Previous Award Winners (Spring 2017)

Congratulations to our Geochemistry Student Travel Award Winners at the 253rd ACS Meeting in San Francisco, April 2-6, 2016: 

Haesung Jung
Joey Nelson (Best Talk)

Qian Zhao

Kyeong Phil Kong

Yue Hui

Previous Award Winners (Fall 2016)

Congratulations to our Geochemistry Student Travel Award Winners at the 252nd ACS Meeting in Philadelphia:
Paul E. Ohno
Tingting Liu
Florence T. Ling

Previous Award Winners (Spring 2016)


Abstract ID

Abstract Title

Elaine D. Flynn


Effects of oxalate on Ni adsorption and repartitioning during Fe(II)-promoted iron oxide recrystallization

Yujia Min


Interfacial interactions between cations and plagioclase under conditions relevant to subsurface CO2 injection

Prachi Joshi


Morphological and thermodynamic changes in goethite during Fe(II)-catalyzed recrystallization

Doyoon Kim


Influence of biological interfaces on nucleation pathways and kinetics of calcium phosphate minerals

Dinesh Adhikari


Asynchronous mobilization of iron and organic carbon from hematite-humic acid complexes during abiotic iron reduction

Previous Award Winners (Fall 2015)

Congratulations to our Geochemistry Student Travel Award Winners at the 250th ACS Meeting in Boston, August 16-20, 2015:

Jacquelyn Bracco, Wright State University
Erika Callagon, University of Illinois-Chicago
Rajesh Singh, University of Miami